Trade Show Experience – George P. Johnson

5000 attendees at The Sage Summit all wanted to talk. And with the conference being all about “conversations” our goal was to find fun and engaging images that perfectly captured the theme.




We were put to the task by George P. Johnson and roamed the summit floor using our “spidey senses” to discover just the right interactions with both speakers and attendees.




This didn’t just mean interactions with one another, but also interactions within the trade show itself; the booths and the unique event setup created one-of-a-kind experiences, all under one roof.




This meant both close ups and wide shots to get the full feeling of the trade show environment, and the different shapes and displays each booth or stage had to offer.




Lasting 4 days, our crew was busy spotting these moments of “conversation” that could stand on their own without the use of sound.




But just how do you do that? According to Jeff, to do this kind of project you have to be able to look into an image vs. looking at an image to tell the story at 1/125 of a second.




And that’s just what we did. Plus with speakers like basketball legend and businessman Magic Johnson, Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone and actress/entrepreneur Jessica Alba, some conversations and personalities were easier to spot than others.





After scouring for perfect moments, using our eyes and ears with both still and video cameras, to get that right interaction, we were able to show and tell the story the client was looking for. See Granbery Studios web site for more ideas and samples of out projects or via twitter @grancam



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