Holy Error !!! .MXF Panasonic/Apple Error -36

apple error 36

This is the message I had seen when transcoding a P2 clip from my Panasonic P2 contents folder to my drive just a few days ago. After reaching the end of the internet for the solution and countless blogs of why this might happen and ultimately my need for a quick fix I felt I had to give my two cents and a quick solution.


The basic reason why this happens is that the file or data stream has a bad I/O error and then becomes a risk to the computer. The computer in return isolates that file and calls it bad. The other reason is when the data is stacked in groups like in fat32 files structures, such as 4.25 gig’s per block and then it makes a new file, subsequently.  If I got some of this wrong, just go with it, I was looking for a solution vs. a diagnostic detail.


When the computer sees the blocks it’s supposed to join them back to a seamless video stream. From time to time the last frame or new first frame can become damaged the result …loud words of HOLLY CRAP I’m F&%% ‘d when you see the apple error -36 code.


In my case, I tried about 30 to 40 different options. Some of the ideas were to transfer over a network, use Ditto on a MAC, also a host of application error permitting duplication programs, all failed.


However, I had one thing that kept my hope alive and it wasn’t the cocktail in my hand. I could play the clip back in my edit program (Adobe Premiere CC). So how the heck can I play this thing but yet I can’t export, duplicate, clone, mail, fed-ex or tear this out of my computer. To be clear, I could play but not export from a host of Adobe apps in CC.


Calls went out to many of my film/video buddies and all had had some kind of issue with this in DSLR, P2, DNX, RED, ARRI and so on. Most others found the damaged (skipped) frame/s and made an edit around the effected area. In this case, the final footage needed to go to the client and I really did not want to hand over a problem.


So how did I fix this…I had had this happen three years ago and I had done this same thing in my Magic Johnston shoot years back, I had just forgotten.


The solution “Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac”


Yes, a $35 dollar prosumer app that did more than my zillion dollar pro apps and data recorders. It read and converted the flies, even damaged one and did it in a short time. I converted the files to Apple ProRes. The one down fall is that this process strips the time code off the video. You can replace the TC in Adobe PCC but in this case, it was multi-cam and just matched them up and applied my TC to the clip and then exported again. The result. Fixed with a small bump on a few frames. Quick edit and were done.


It worked and it worked very very well and even brought the audio in.


Hope this helps and if it did leave me a comment. All the best and happy frames.




Here are a few links that can help for more detail:


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