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3M teamed up with Gossamer Space frame to build the world’s largest convex superstructures. These enormous silver reflective convex sun trackers, known as (CSP) Concentrated Sun Power, focus the sun towards a heating element.


Solar energy photography 005
West array opening up to the sun



This heating element is then charged by the sun and superheats a liquid oil. That oil, in turn, makes steam and the steam producers power. This plant makes 10 megawatts per day or enough power for about 4,000 homes.


Solar energy photography 004

In the past, these convex structures were a fraction of the size due to the limitations of the mirror being made out of glass. 3M has made a new reflective material that has the same output power as a glass mirror. The new film can be applied to any structure and any shape. When the sun is reflected into a single beam, it’s Bristol white with a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius or 752 Fahrenheit. Working within the field of mirrors was a real treat and provided endless photo opportunities for our client.


Solar energy photography 001




The only trick is to wear a lot of sunscreen.






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